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  • " Elite-level mastering engineers who are able to hone tracks for the professional arena. Excellent communication throughout the entire process. Highly recommended for all future projects! "

    - Grant Saxena

  • " They seemed to know exactly what they were doing. The master sounded great and also gave me a handful of different formats. Also enjoyed hearing exactly what they did during the mastering process. Will use again! "

    - Hampton Red

  • " I didn't know what to expect from mastering my tracks, and they came out sounding clear and loud. I appreciated that I was asked for reference tracks to get an idea of what I sound I liked in similar tracks. Mastered tracks were delivered quickly and sound good. Thank you! "

    - Ken Mahru

  • " Amazing review by clearly very talented and professional artists in the industry, worth more then the price by at least 10x. this is not just a bargain, it is a steal for the price. I cant thank them enough for this kind of level of feedback and insight. I am so happy I ordered this. Thank you again! "

    - Jiu B.

  • " This is a valuable, personalized mastering service from very helpful and knowledgeable engineers. Highly recommended, and will be using again! Thanks for the great work! "

    - D. Guenther

  • " Review was thorough, honest and constructive. Obviously great value for the money, especially for producers who want professional and unbiased feedback from a new perspective. "

    - A Sound Escape

  • " Your go to music sidekicks to review your song and give some very professional detailed feedback on your music. Highly recommended. "

    - Nesta

  • " I am super pleased by their work. Not only did they deliver the mastering I was looking for but also answered very fast including helpfull advice. If you are looking for priceworthy - in the best meaning of the word - mastering you are in the right place and won´t regret your decision. Thank you and all the best, I´ll surely be your customer again. "

    - mabix92

  • " Well, these guys are brutally honest, so if you have thin skin be prepared. But, they are serious pros and know their stuff. If you want to really take your mixes to the next level, you should listen to them. This service is easily worth 10x what they are charging. "

    - O. meany

  • " As a novice, I sent them a track with my expectations of what I wanted it to be, not realizing that the requests I made were to be done in the mixing process. They gave me mixing tips to get the sound I desired in order to make the mastering more possible. They did a wonderful job in completing the final product, as well as explaining what they did. "

    - Levi Sterling

  • " I loved the quick response and the details they gave on the review. I learned things I did not know about how the music sounds on different sound systems. I will send this review to my producer and hopefully he will know what all the changes described mean. Only suggestion is to give a personal opinion when asked as well given your expertise. "

    - Lisha Nandi

  • " They did an incredible job with mastering the track and getting it to sound how I envisioned. They were great to communicate with, and were extremely helpful in the process of simply explaining what they did to get the sound they accomplished. Definitely my new go-to mastering engineers, and the price is unbeatable for the quality! Thank you. 🙂 "

    - CRMSN

  • " Various reasonable suggestions. The finished product effectively concealed the flaws in the mixing. "

    - Hao Xuangu

  • " Wonderful critique of the track. They give very detailed insights about the track. from mixing to sounds. Totally worth it. "

    - BlackMyth

  • " These are the nicest guys on earth, and provide truly professional and meaningful feedback for an amazingly affordable price. This is a great value and invaluable resource for anyone working on music production. "

    - D. Guenther

  • " These guys really know what they're doing. This is the third time I order and I highly recommend them! "

    - Kryzt Music

  • " Not only did they deliver amazing quality, they were also extremely friendly and easy to work with! I will definitely recommend them to anyone and plan to return again myself. Thanks guys you are awesome! "

    - Caleb S.