A little bit about us.

Resurrected Audio was officially registered as part of the Resurrected Group LLC in Wyoming, USA on May 16th 2016. Resurrected Audio specializes in the development of applications, high end samples, presets and vsts to cater to the needs of the professional and amateur producer.

We are a team of music enthusiasts, musicians, producers and artists. With our various partnership and affiliations with labels & agencies, we are able to have access to the latest analytics, artist management tools and techniques in order to best guide artists on how to make it in the industry as well as in the fields of branding, marketing and promotion.

Our Mission

With motivated young people who engage in production in a scene brimming with talent, we aim at providing the highest end products. Focusing on innovation, we strive to create applications, presets and samples adapted to the latest trends. More importantly, we want our products and packs to give producers highly educational tools which will facilitate and improve their learning of music production.

Furthermore, we want to familiarize artists with the scene and the music industry in general. This involves working closely with agencies, labels and management companies to create well written articles that will answer any question an upcoming producer may have on branding, production, promotion, marketing and networking.

We would love to see our inventions in hit records and to know producers have gone big with our help.

Quality, networking and promotion being essential pillars, we aspire to build a community where all levels are welcomed. Where work can be submitted, listened to and critiqued thus improving the collaborative spirit leading to the blossoming of new friendships and connections. Depending on our schedule & availability, we will always try to squeeze in a reply to the submissions with constructive criticism as well.

We understand the stress levels put on independent producers nowadays, with promotion and networking being essential yet tedious parts of the growth of an artist, we aspire to also help promote the best up and coming artists as well as helping out and taking the time to advise relatively new or struggling producers with their questions through the content we publish.

We take great pride in bettering ourselves and adapting to the ever changing and growing scene. Enough reading about us, let’s get back to learning !

Our Values.

User Centered