It all started in 2007, with the exponential growth of youtube and sharing content online. Georges Ziade, taught by his father a former radio DJ how to mix, started sharing videos of mashups and mixes online.

From 2008, he started working on production with friends, sharing their creations and tips & tricks videos online. Their first video got them to 3500 views. Several other videos followed in the same year, giving to many music enthusiasts access to a platform filled with information on music production.

He then created a first music channel to promote electronic music from unsigned artists and friends as well as a music agency to manage bookings at house parties called “Green Eyed Deejays”. Hence why the light green theme we keep on the website.

In 2010, after having the channel terminated due to copyright strikes. He gave it another shot, this time partnering up with producers he met on forums and groups.

Together they created multiple promotional channels, labels and improved their overall knowledge on the music industry, specifically the electronic scene.

In 2015, they created Resurrected Frequencies, the first label under Resurrected Audio, partnering up with another team of tastemakers and promoters called BackToLife. Together they amassed more than 100 000 plays in a year of activity and as much as 50 000 plays on a single. They then followed up with the creation of DVTN in 2016 and ROSÉ in 2017.

10 years later, we still love promoting music and helping out in the industry.

We enjoy creating great packs, filled with high end samples and presets that are educational, creative and inspiring. We believe that music is for everyone, this is why we try to keep our packs at a minimal price and sometimes give them away.

We want to give everyone a shot at succeeding in the industry, we will keep uploading new content and promoting artists. We don’t believe in paying for a submission to get heard and critiqued (shots maybe taken), we will always listen and go through all the submissions, we can’t promise to reply to each individual one, but we’ll do our best.

For now, we will keep on creating new presets & samples, promoting new music and helping out with tips and tricks because after all that’s what we love to do! Who knows maybe create presets for our own vst one day ? We still don’t know where the future will take us, but we’re glad you’re here joining and supporting us during this crazy journey !